Adjectives ending in' ing 'and 'ed' [ Video Inclued ]

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Adjectives ending in' ing 'and 'ed' [ Video Inclued ]

Message  Zakaria Elidrissi le Ven 19 Fév - 7:38

Adjectives ending in' ing 'and ' ed '

A/ Somebody is bored if something (or somebody else) is boring. Or, if something is boring, it makes you bored. So:

Tracy is bored because her job is boring.

Tracy's job is boring, so Tracy is bored, (not 'Tracy is boring')

If a person is boring, this means that they make other people bored:

Charles always talks about the same things. He's really boring.

B/ Compare adjectives ending in -ing and ed

You can say:

My job is boring, interesting/ tiring/ satisfying/ depressing, (etc.)

The -ing adjective tells you about the job.

Compare these examples:


Jenny thinks politics is very interesting.

Did you meet anyone interesting at the party?


It was quite surprising that he passed the examination.

Disappointing :

The film was disappointing. I expected it to be much better


The news was shocking.

You can say:

I'm bored with my job.

I'm not interested in my job any more

I'm always tired when I finish work.

I'm not satisfied with my job.

My job makes me depressed, (etc.)

The -ed adjective tells you how somebody feels (about the job).


Jenny is very interested in politics, (not interesting in politics')

Are you interested in buying a car? I'm trying to sell mine.


Everybody was surprised that he passed the examination.


I was disappointed with the film. I expected it to be much better.


We were very shocked when we heard the news.
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