Types of Doctors

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Types of Doctors

Message  wafae shaymi le Jeu 10 Nov - 15:53

There are different types of doctors depending on the field of specialty that they have been trained. Going to a medical school is not the only requirement for you to become a doctor. After attending the medical school, doctors still need to work in hospitals for a few years. Those who want to specialize in specific fields may still be required to work in a hospital setting for the period of 8 years before they are allowed to be trained in their chosen specialty field.

* Most probably, initial diagnosis would start with the General Practitioner or Family Practice Doctor. This doctor would then be the one to refer you to a specialist in case it is still needed.
* If you have skin-related concerns, you should visit a Dermatologist. This is the doctor specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases and other skin-related concerns.
* Neurologists are those doctors who have acquired in-depth knowledge and skill in the treatment of diseases involving the brain and the other parts of the central nervous system.
* The Pediatrician is the doctor expert in the treatment of children's diseases.
* Obstetrician/Gynecologist is specialized in pregnancy, childbirth, and other women related health concerns.
* Urologists are doctors who have gained skill in relation to diseases of the urinary tract,
* Psychiatrist is a doctor that treats individuals with mental disorders.
* Allergist-Immunologist is a doctor specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of immune system related diseases.

There are still many types of doctors and your first visit to your family doctor will determine if your health concern still needs further evaluation from specialized doctors.
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