the only way to live in joy

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the only way to live in joy

Message  wafae shaymi le Jeu 24 Nov - 13:02

When you're single, people ask why u r single. When you have a friend, they ask about a wedding. When you get married, they ask when will you have a baby? When you have 1 child, they ask when is the little brother or sister coming? When you have another one they ask, why are you having all these children? When you get divorced, they ask why? If you moved on, they ask why so quickly? People will NEVER STOP ASKING & TALKING... if you're proud of who you are & you don't "GIVE A Sugar Honey Iced Tea" about what people think about you, share it on your wall because it's your life and only you should decide how to LIVE IT.... LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE with the fear of ALLAH alone! Very Happy
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