A rich vocabulary is a valuable asset and an important attribute of success !

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A rich vocabulary is a valuable asset and an important attribute of success !

Message  Mrs HILMI le Dim 21 Fév - 12:13

A good vocabulary will make your writing better

How good is your vocabulary?
Here’s a little test. In the sentences below, replace the underlined words with more precise and colorful words.
Try reading the sentences out loud. Search your memory for better words.
1. Her sincerity made her a credible witness.
2. I find your offer enticing.
3. Unless there are mitigating circumstances, I will have to terminate your contract.
4. Your claim that you want to help is disingenuous.
KEY ANSWERS. (see at the bottom of this article)
If your words are equally vague and bland, you have a relatively weak vocabulary.
Whether your vocabulary is weak or strong, here’s how you can improve it:
1-Read and listen. The secret to building your vocabulary is to pay attention. To see a word in print reinforces your visual memory; to hear it pronounced aids your aural memory.
2-Listen and watch for words you don’t know. Collect words you think might be useful to you, using word-association to build a spider-gram
3-Look up words you don’t know. Use a good dictionary. Learn not only their denotation (literal meaning) but their connotation (mood and feelings). Consider the context in which you encountered them.
4-Move words from your comprehensive to your expressive vocabulary. For this , you should learn how to define, pronounce, and spell words. Say the words you are trying to learn out loud. Practice using them.
5-Maintain a list of words you want to remember. To fix words in your long-term memory, write them down. If you care to take the time, note their definitions. Better yet, write down the sentences in which you heard them. Review your list at least once a week. See how many words you can write or recite from memory.
With each addition to your vocabulary not only are you speaking and writing more precisely, but you are thinking more precisely.

Ready for another test? Kick the odd one out
1. A good way to( improve ;bolster ; strengthen ;obstruct ) your argument is to (substantiate ;back up ;disprove ;support )your assertions with specific examples.
2. A successful product launch (entails ; involves ; implies ; excludes) introducing the right idea at the right time.
3. Your optimism may be ( warranted ; without good reason. unjustified, groundless)
4. Although not (without fault ; faulty ; infallible ;righteous ) our CEO has provided (good ;exemplary ;frail ; admirable) leadership.
5. Her reputation is (still good ; diminished ; unblemished ; untarnished)despite the( false ; specious ; substantiated ; ludicrous) allegations.
6. Your argument is (good ; compelling ;distorted ;fascinating)

Key to ex.1:
1. Her sincerity made her a believable witness.
2. I find your offer interesting/attractive.
3. Unless there are moderating circumstances, I will have to end your contract.
4. Your claim that you want to help is not sincere.
key to ex.2:
1-obstruct - disprove 2- excludes 3- warranted 4- faulty - frail 5- diminished - substantiated 6- distorted


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