Read the text and answer the question

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Read the text and answer the question

Message  WISSAL BELGAOUT le Dim 27 Nov - 15:09

Read the text and answer the question:
If you cut yourself,go straight to the school nurse to wash the cut and put antiseptic cream and plaster on it.
If another student is badly hurt,put him on his side and go quickly and ask your teacher to phone the hospital.
Answer these question:
1-What do you do if you cut yourself?
2-What do you do if another sudent hurt himself badly?
Write TRUE or FALSE and correct the wrong sentence:
1-If you cut yourself go to the school nurse.
2-If my friend at school hurt himself badly,I'll take him to the hospital.
Match the words with they should be with:
1-Hydre cream..............a-Headache
2-Pain plus tablets.........b-Unsect bites
3-Antiseptic cream........c-Kills germs

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