Possessive adjectives exercise

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Possessive adjectives exercise

Message  Mrs HILMI le Dim 4 Déc - 13:53

Possessive adjectives are words like my, his, her, their, our, your and its. They are used before nouns. In the predicative (after verbs) position, we use possessive pronouns (e.g mine, his, hers, theirs, ours and yours), not adjectives.

Fill in the blanks with correct form of the pronouns given in brackets.

Have you seen ———————– new coat? (I)
She has lost ———————— keys. (she)
Can I have a look at ———————– paper? (you)
The dog has had ———————— breakfast. (it)
Do you know ————————– name? (she)
What is ———————— plan? (they)
Can you give me ————————– address? (he)
He stood there with his hands in ———————– pockets. (he)
I patted ————————- on the shoulder. (she)
I will agree to ———————— suggestion if you lower the price. (you)
She is ————————- teacher. (we)
It is ——————– fault. (he)


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