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Message  WISSAL BELGAOUT le Ven 27 Jan - 9:40

Do you have Italian nationality?

I'm not from here, I'm a foreigner.

I'm from Portugal.

I'm Portuguese.

Are you from Spain?

You're Spanish.

Robert is from France.

He is French.

We're from Belgium.

We're Belgian.

You're from Holland, aren't you?

You're Dutch.

My friends are from the United Kingdom.

They're British.

In Germany they speak German.

I'm German.

In Switzerland they speak German, French and Italian.

I'm Swiss.

In Italy they speak Italian.

He's Italian.

In Austria they speak German.

We're Austrian.

In Denmark they speak Danish.

Are you Danish?

In Sweden they speak Swedish.

They're not Swedish.

In Russia they speak Russian.

I'm not Russian, but I live in Russia.


Hello! Do you speak English?
No, that's why I'm a user of
Where are you from?
I'm from Paris, in France, but I live in Vienna. Where are you from?
I'm from Portugal, from Lisbon.
Are you learning English with too?
Yes, of course, it's the most fun and the cheapest way to learn.


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