What's the difference?

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What's the difference?

Message  Mrs HILMI le Mer 24 Fév - 16:05

There are times when the use of past perfect is essential to avoid confusion of when something happened. Compare the following two sentences:
• A. The bomb exploded when the police arrived.
• B. The bomb had exploded when the police arrived.
To check your understanding of the difference, say which sentence from the set below most logically follows: A or B.
• The police looked for evidence.
• The police were too late.
• Two police officers were hurt.
• The police didn’t know there was a bomb there.
You can do the same thing with the following sentences ,but this time make your own evidence sentences
A:The plane took off when we arrived
B:The plane had taken off when we arrived.

A: She walked out when I came into the room.
B: She had walked out when I came into the room
So What’s the difference?


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