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Message  soufiane aitbouhadidi le Mer 3 Mar - 15:07

i m sorry for being late Mrs Hilmi .This is my writting:

Najia Adib, mother of a child victim of sexual abuse outcry "Breaking the Silence".
she is najia Adib. Thirties, a face and a body full of life, enthusiasm and courage that never disappoint. But it is consumed by bitterness. The bitterness of a mother whose life is violated at the same time as his son. It was the first and only to denounce violence against her little boy of 4 years within the nursery.

Ayoub Jarf, the innocent smile, her face radiant, has been victim of sexual abuse by the guardian of his former school, repeatedly and over a period of four monts.

She has scientifically proven by DNA that crime. The traces of semen on the panties of her son, analyzed in the laboratories of the Royal Gendarmerie have indeed proved that it is the guardian of the child care.
Thanks to the courage of Najia Adib, who managed to overcome the taboo and stigma that surround this sensitive subject, that this crime pedophile leaves finally silence.
A scandal in which several victims were children, for many years and would continue again and again.
Many parents whose children have been subjected to such crimes choose not to speak to avoid scandal. They prefer silence and try to heal as best they could the consequences suffered by their children rather than make a statement to the police.
it is children who are afraid to talk to parents to avoid being reprimanded.
In many cases, pedophilia is a reflection of sexual repression. Following the case of small Ayoub, doctors, lawyers and teachers, working in the field of child rights are grouped in an association that is aptly named, "Do not touch my child" to trigger a war against this scourge.

i hope you like it ........ your student soufiane aitbouhadidi 2ste3

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