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Leila's Strory

Message  nadia ben el abbes le Dim 7 Mar - 10:19

When her husband died, Leila found her self alone, with her two children, without money, without job.
Leila's mother was a tailor but now she's too old for working, she told to her daughter how to do it and then Leila foloow her mother's way.
Firstly she works at home, she hasn't any materiels , just her hands.
After six mounths, she got a tailor-machine that helped her to increase her benifits.
After two years of hard working , she go to *Moqawalati* a local foundation that helped her to open her own magazine for selling traditionnal clothes .
Now Leila is a famous modelist in Marrakesh , she has three magazines in different palces in her city and many employees.

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