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Planet of the Apes
is a novel by Pierre Boulle, originally published in 1963 in French as La Planète des singes. As singe means both "ape" and "monkey," Xan Fielding called his translation Monkey Planet. It is an example of social commentary through the use of dystopia.
Planet of the Apes was arguably the first American science fiction franchise of the post-serial film era. In many ways, the Planet of the Apes series developed the blueprint used by many subsequent multi-segment science fiction endeavors (such as Star Wars, Star Trek, and, to a lesser extent, Superman) in the advertising and merchandising arenas. Not only did Planet of the Apes spawn four theatrical sequels, but it was the basis for a short-lived television series, a Saturday morning TV cartoon, countless books, comic books, and other spin-off material - not to mention the "action figures", costumes, lunch boxes, and various other paraphernalia that are now mandatory to the success of any would-be blockbuster.

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