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Boubekraoui Youssef

Brewster's Millions by Lawrance Gordon

  • Lawrance Gordon grew up in Mississippi. He graduated from Tulane University. He has enjoyed a long career in film. After moving to Los Angeles he began his career working for James Cameron. He quickly moved up the ranks and began presidency of 20th Century Fox.

  • "Brewster's Millions" is a comedy film. It tell the story of an old baseball player of the Hackensack Bulls, called Monty Brewster and the miraculous luck.

  • The film is about a baseball player who suddenly find that his uncle died recently was an eccentric multi-millionaire who was also his only living relative, and includes him in will. Under the terms of the will, Brewter is challenged to spend 3O million dollar within 30 days in order to inherit 300 million dollar. But there are some important conditions attached: at the end of the 30 days, he may not own any assets that are not already own, he may donate only 5% to charity and lose another 5% by gambling. Finally, he may not waste the money by buying expensive goods and then destroying them or giving them away.

  • For critics. The film is a comedy of how Brewter find creative ways of spending the 30 million dollar and not always getting right. It's a series of very comical events which is most enjoy to watch.

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