Culture Shock (By Abderrahman Rhardane)

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Culture Shock (By Abderrahman Rhardane)

Message  Rhardane Abderrahman le Ven 2 Avr - 15:40

My sister had to continue her studies abroad. For that reason, She went to Strasbourg in France. First, She was extremely excited about going. But then, she realized that It wasn't what She was expecting. That place was too different for her to the extent that She faced culture shock.
After We were ascertained that She stayed in an apartment, the first couple of days seemed fine. However, She faced many problems afterwards, not mentioning the religious and cultural differences between the two cultures. Most people seemed unnatural to her, some of them were racist and intolerant towards Islam, some classmates were rude and mean, and some were treating her as an intruder. Whatever the reason, she had to react. She ditched religious studies' classes and kept away from her friends, but that didn't turn out good. At the end, She felt that She had to change the school, or even the whole city.
She moved now to Colmar, she learned more about French culture, and now she's doing pretty well.
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