a good citizenship

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a good citizenship

Message  schahrazade le Sam 24 Avr - 13:09

citizenship is a quality by means of which a person can contribute to the progress and development of the society.it involves enjoying some rights and exercising some obligations.
concerning the rights that citizens are entitled to,we can mention the right to vote in election,all citizens who enjoy civil rights can express their opinions about national matters.besides,citizenship permits us to enjoy freedom of movement, of expression, of belonging to an association or development club or doing voluntary work.in addition to the above mentioned rights,we can add that citizenship ensures that all citizens are equal before the the law and therefore have the same apportunities in employment,education and access to health care.
as for as the obligations are concerned,a good citizen is a person who works for the common good of the country by paying taxes that will be spent on public services ruch as building schools,roads, Hospitals etc.moreover,he should respect the law and the environment and avoid all the activities that harm it .moreover,he should be tolerant and Respect each others(sexs, nationalities or religions).above all to be ready to defend the country in case of any danger and be the first to sacrifice.
to sum up ,we can say that citizenship is not only a feeling of being belonging to a country a member of particular country, but should be translated in action through our daily proctices.
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