How does your website grow?

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How does your website grow?

Message  Mrs HILMI le Ven 5 Mar - 4:22

Good-morning everybody,
An old nursery rhyme that asks of Mistress Mary “how does your garden grow?” might ask the same question of you: “how does your website grow?” A website is much like a garden. It takes regular attention, pruning, weeding, and trial to make it a success.
In the end you become a master gardener with the skills you need to succeed. In a language-learning , we are interested in similar methods to measure success: how knowledge is growing? how many “words” and structures are picked? what skills are mastered?and what we can do to increase our linguistic performance?
This site has been created out of the reccurent need for an extended means , an evolutive tool to sustain English learning beyond school schedule ,class-time constraints and many managerial difficulties inside the classroom.The objective of this site being to provide students with more learning material to consolidate their English and to assess their knowledge of the language ,it will hopefully help further the cause of foreign language learning.Very few students passed through the stages of apprehension, then excitement with the focus on the learning activity and materials. Altough many more students seem to be so excited to know more about and practise more the language they're learning in the classroom ,many others still can't find their way to the site,while some students have lost the path into here. I believe that by simply visiting or posting exercises that are not solved by anyone will not help you improve your language performance.Only by active participation ,regular exercising and frequent analysis of your mistakes along with connecting the dots between the programmes and the end results ,can we improve performance.
I will therefore have to measure whether your scores and performance improve in relation to the use of the language material provided in this site.More explanation will be given later;so keep in touch!!!


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