Marco Polo(a video to watch and blanks to fill in)

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Marco Polo(a video to watch and blanks to fill in)

Message  Mrs HILMI le Mar 1 Nov - 17:37

]Look at the video and fill the blanks with information about Marco Polo

Marco Polo was born in __________ in Venice. In __________, Marco Polo traveled ________ from Europe with his ___________ and _____________ and in 1275 met __________________ in Kaifeng, the capital of the _______________ Empire.

Marco ________________ the Great Khan in several positions, as _____________ and as the governor of the city of _______________.

The three Polos left the Empire in ____________ on a fleet of ____________ large boats, and 600 other ________________ from a port in southern _________. The ______________ sailed through ________________ to Sri Lanka and India and onto the Strait of _______________ in the Persian ______________.

Polo returned to ______________ and joined the ______________ . He was captured in _____________ and imprisoned in ______________ for two years.There ,he dictated an ___________ of his travels to a fellow prisoner. Shortly thereafter, The Travels of Marco Polo was _______________ in French.

Polo's book includes _________________ accounts of men with tails and cannibals. The book is somewhat a _______________ of Asian provinces. It is divided into ______________ covering specific regions. Polo ___________ the ideas of paper ______________ and coal to _____________.

The _________________ of Marco Polo on geographic ___________________ was enormous and he was also a ____________ influence on Christopher _______________. Polo died in _______________


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